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If so, look no further because Brickwood are here to offer you the top loft conversion services in South Birmingham and Solihull. Our local loft conversion specialists in Birmingham ensure that you receive the perfect loft conversion for your home and nothing less. Whether it is low costs that you require or high-quality end products, Brickwood provides everything you need.

Honest and reliable loft conversion services are what our customers need and want. We do not lack these traits here at Brickwood. Our ten years of experience in construction and landscaping services have gained us the trust of hundreds of customers.

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Local Loft Conversion Company Birmingham

Whether you need a simple loft conversion or a double dormer loft conversion, Brickwood provides the perfect type of conversion for your home. Bungalow loft conversions or house loft conversions for a low price can be extremely hard to find in the areas of South Birmingham and Solihull.

Dormer loft conversion

Our dormer loft conversions ensure that you can get extra space for your loft if you have a sloped roof. A dormer loft conversion is a perfect option for people wanting extra space that is extended out from their existing roof. Dormers are designed with flat ceilings and horizontal walls.

Dormer loft conversion costs in the areas in and around South Birmingham are usually very expensive; however, that is not the case here at Brickwood. Our reliable and accurate prices ensure that you get the perfect value for money with your loft conversion process. For more details on dormer loft conversions, get in touch with us now on 0121 238 6012.

Affordable Loft Conversion

Mansard loft conversions are a perfect option of conversion for people who really want extended space to their home. Mansard roof conversions consist of a flat roof that starts from the top of the already existing roof. This expands the whole existing roof into a larger room, unlike dormer extensions which do not go as high as the existing roof.

Our local loft conversion company in Birmingham ensure that you receive the best double or l shaped mansard loft conversion possible. High-quality and efficient services are what you can expect from the team here at Brickwood. For more details about mansard loft conversion cost, call us now on 0121 238 6012.

Bungalow loft conversion

Bungalows are beautiful and traditional structures; however, for larger families, they can be a struggle to provide the space required. Bungalow loft conversions are perfect for creating the space needed for your family members whether they are living there or just visiting.

Make your home look more modern with a bungalow loft conversion. Doing so will make your home something that you are extremely proud of. Having parties or family and friends over will be something you look forward to as you will have the home you dreamed of having.

Bungalow loft conversions not only increase the space; they also increase the value of the bungalow itself. There is no doubt that going ahead with our high-quality dormer bungalow loft and roof conversion services would be an amazing investment. If you want to see your home valuation rise dramatically, Brickwood are the company for you.

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Other types of loft conversion available:

  • Small loft conversion
  • Hip to gable loft conversion
  • Basic loft conversion
  • Truss loft conversion
  • Bedroom loft conversion

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