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There are few business and services in South Birmingham which cover all bases as far as home conversion and refurbishment are concerned. Do you need help setting up a new bathroom, or converting a basement? Maybe you have your eye on a new kitchen suite. In any case, there are plenty of great reasons why you should consider calling Brickwood Construction.

If you need help insulating your loft, converting a space you barely use or extending your dining room, we’re here to help. Not only that, but we can also help with daily plumbing faults and issues, and will also be happy to support you with a variety of gardening services South Birmingham and elsewhere. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of your ideal landscaped garden! No matter what your home or garden needs may be, it’s crucial you call a team with plenty of expertise.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Two of the most-used rooms in the home are, of course, the kitchen and the bathroom. Not only do they see a lot of use, but they also need a lot of care and attention. That’s why so many people choose to set up great-looking bathrooms from the word go. Kitchen suites, too, need not only to look the part but should also offer plenty of practicality and support. You’ll likely do a lot of cooking and cleaning in there!

Brickwood Construction’s team of experts are always ready to make sure you have the best designers and contractors on hand to make sure your dream home and garden projects come to life. We work with leading kitchen and bathroom showrooms, which means we can bring the best of the industry right into your home. There’s no need for you to go wandering around looking for units and flooring elsewhere.

Cheap Gardening Services South Birmingham

By gardening services South Birmingham, we, of course, mean garden design! Not all gardens and lawns have to look the same. Therefore, why not take a chance on an affordable landscaped garden service?

We must advise you to be careful with the word ‘cheap’ if you are looking for services and support elsewhere. While we are always pleased to offer you a wide variety of different garden design services, we will do so at affordable rates. The danger of hiring cheap gardening services is, of course, that you may not get the best quality care or attention.

However, with Brickwood, there is never any danger of this occurring. We focus on quality care and service first and work to deliver them at a rate of pay you can feasibly afford.

Conversions and Extensions

If you really want to make the most of your home and garden, you should always be open to the idea of extensions and conversions. You may want to extend your bedrooms, or completely convert a loft. Why not? It means you won’t have to move home if you need the space. Simply convert space you aren’t using, or extend your existing spaces.

Brickwood Construction’s leading team of experts know exactly how to make the most of extending and converting spaces of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, make sure to call our team with any ideas you have in mind, and we will make sure to take them all on board.

Call Your Local Experts

Brickwood Construction is pleased and proud to offer an incredible service to customers across South Birmingham, Solihull and beyond. We have become a name that’s synonymous with reliable, long-lasting home and garden design. We are friendly, fair and well-priced, meaning that we encourage you to compare rates you may have discovered elsewhere with our own. All it takes is a quick phone call to our team to get started.

Whether you need a full bathroom refit or a new kitchen suite, there are things we can do to bring your home into a whole new age. You never know quote what’s possible until you get in touch with the experts!

Call us directly for a reliable quote. Need low-cost gardening services South Birmingham or elsewhere? Want to know more about converting one or more rooms in your home? No problem. Call the helpline or send us an email by web form, and we will do the rest.

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